Bad Kitty Anal Balloon Pump

Enjoy Anal Stimulation That Grows Progressively Stronger With Our Bad Kitty Anal Balloon Pump.
? Inflatable butt plug with insertable part made of soft silicone
? Inflation pump fitted with rapid decompression valve
? Enables gradual adjustment of the plug’s diameter
This plug is made of soft silicone and features a diameter that is at first very small while inserted in your ass. Once inside, you can inflate and deflate it easily using the pump which has a decompression valve. This Bad Kitty Anal Balloon Pump is made both for those who are new to anal sex, and those with rather more experience. Its design, featuring soft silicone, and its small initial diameter (before inflation) enable easy insertion into the anus. Once inserted, all you have to do is press the inflation pump a few times, so as gradually to increase the diameter of the plug inside the anus.
This anal sex toy will give you intense pleasures and a fabulous anal plugging sensation. Once the fun and games are over, or if the intensity becomes a little Briefs and Pouches too strong, all you have to do is press the rapid decompression button at the end of the inflation pump, to deflate the plug instantaneously.
Apply some lube to your anal balloon pump to ensure that you have a comfortable and smooth anal experience. You can also use this plug with other sex toys such as dildos and vibrators if you love double penetration. The latex balloon will inflate to almost three times its size giving you multiple anal orgasms.
If you are using this toy for the first time, ensure that you start off slow to make sure that you are comfortable with every increase in the girth as you pump it. After every use thoroughly clean your toy in warm soapy water and allow it to completely dry before storage.